09 May 2011

The best way to knit...

This past Friday, I found myself finished with work early!  On the rare occurrence that this actually happens, I have to seize the opportunity and walk right out the door.  So I did.  But I really didn't want to go home.  Instead, I stopped by the new neighborhood restaurant and got some knitting done.  I've decided that this is the absolute best way to knit!

Yes, that's Chocolate coconut almond Bread Pudding!

Then I got into a hiccup...As I muddled my way through Chart 4, I found a bobble that was only half-way done in a previous row.  What?  How could that be?  I couldn't think of any way to fix it.  I couldn't just leave it, and I decided that the recipient of the shawl is worthy of perfection.  After ripping a row and a half, I had some issues.  Namely, a dropped stitch or two.  After struggling for awhile and threatening my husband's life (I was in the middle of picking up live stitches and he decided it was a good time to pester me)  I got back on track.  I'm now finished with chart 4 and have effortlessly moved onto the knitted edging.  I think before it's all finished, I'll need some more Bread Pudding!

Kelly Lightbeam


  1. awesome post, Kelly! you and Kelli would get along so well...I actually thought this was her post since I can totally see her popping into a restaurant and having a nibble and knitting in the middle of the dinner hour

    and bread pudding, I've never had it but now that I see a picture of it, it's on my list ;)

    the shawl is looking wonderful ~ good job getting the kinks straightened out

    and good luck with the border ~ it's much easier than you would think but it goes on and on forever (and word to the wise, try casting on with the WS of your knitting facing you ~ otherwise, your border will get attached backwards!)


  2. Way to go! knit at a restaurant,~doesn't everybody?

    Kelli :)

  3. Thanks gals! I actually started the border last night and I've got two repeats done. I casted on with the RS facing me and I didn't have any problems! Yay!