03 May 2011

Juneberry KAL

Here's my Juneberry~ I'm knitting double strand Silky Wool in a cream color. Knitting with size US 8,Harmony circular needdles. This patterns has lots going on. Lots to keep track,I watch for those 'check points' where those lines of purl on the WS and knit on the WS ,at least for now.
The yarn kind of reminds me of what it would be like to knit with Shelter. I've never knitted a lace piece with this big of gauge.
Can't wait to block. Fun pattern, can't wait to see everybody else's... everybody got the 'bobble and SSP thing'?



  1. it's so nice! I do have the ssp down (well.....I know how to do it right next time!) and loving the bobbles...do you know how to knit backwards yet? I'll teach ya if not!

    and my sportweight lace is heavy for me BUT I'm wishing I had gone heavier ~ I feel another Juneberry (Augustberry?) in my future ;)

  2. You'll have to teach me to knit backwards...I think?

    Augustberry is a good idea.

    I got Sherry going on Silky Wool, double strand. You'll have to ask her.

    SSK use to bug me but SSP is even worse.

    I've got to get those fingerless gloves ready for Friday, hairday!


  3. Knitting backwards...I just read about this somewhere else too. What do they call the law of coincidence? Sounds like a new skill to learn, regardless!

  4. I looked up a video on knitting backwards and it appears much easier than I would have thought. Now, to actuelly try it out may be another story...