17 May 2011

Thanks for the Knit-a-long, it's been fun!

Hey ladies!  Thanks for allowing me to be a guest writer on your lovely blog.  This knit-a- long has been quite enjoyable and it really kept me on track to finish that edging that seemed to go on for ever and ever!   

I love seeing everyone's progress, and can't wait to see them all finished! 
Best regards, Kelly Lightbeam


  1. that's awesome, Kelly! your friend is lucky to have you ~ please share with us her reaction after you gift it to her ;)

    thanks for kal'ing with us ~ you're welcome back anytime!


  2. I just noticed ~ did you go bobbleless on the border? I love that!

  3. She LOVED it! She almost cried and said that no one had ever made anything so special for her before.

    Yes! I skipped the bobbles on the border. I really liked them in the middle of the shawl, but I decided to skip them on the edging because I didn't think it needed them.