05 May 2011

Update from the tortoise...

Hi everyone!  Morgen here.  Your Juneberry's are all so pretty! 

Kelly, your yarn is simply beautiful!  The Robert Frost allusion is perfect!  I've never tried any of the Gryphon's yarn, but I have heard that Bugga is particularly delightful.

Kelli, you can't go wrong with Silky Wool!  It is such a unique yarn and is so versatile.  Add to that the colorway you've chosen and it's a stroke of genius.  You'll be able to wear it year round!  I am anxious to see how doubling the yarn turns out.  I am imagining it to have the weight of a heavier cotton yarn but with a much softer hand?

Melissa,  I am anxious to see yours as well since I know it is in a much finer gauge.  As I have been working mine I have realized how nicely this particular pattern will translate to different gauges of yarn; they don't always do that.  You always do such fine precision work and I love the color!

So, mine.  Well, I am using Shelter in the Tent color.  I love the yarn.  I know a lot of people think it is too coarse and rough a yarn for their tastes, but it suits me to a T.  I love its hand, the colors, the gauge, everything about it.  All that being said, I have had my usual heckuva time getting started.  It always seems to take me a couple of days to start a shawl.  Maybe it's because I don't gauge swatch shawls.  Anyway, I started on 9's and had to start over at least 6 times just to get the initial tab with the provisional cast-on to look acceptable.  I got several rows into the pattern and decided I wanted to move down a needle size.  Believe it or not I could not track down a circular size 8 needle in my stash so I started using my size 8 Signature single points.  I have very very mixed feelings about Signature needles.  The one thing I am quite certain of is that I do not like them at all in any way shape or form for working lace.  They are simply too heavy and I think the extra weight distorts the stitches, not to mention the beautiful but weighty end cap will sometimes cause the needle to just slide out of my project if I let go.  Then I got to the aforementioned issue with the SSP.  (Kelli, I haven't gotten to the bobble part yet, so can't answer on that point.)

Today I picked up some circular size 8's Addi lace and am much much happier.  I essentially tore the whole thing back down to the start of chart A and worked back up to the end of chart A and am finally on my way.

Better late than never.

I am REALLY enjoying the yarn and the pattern!  Thank you all for letting me join you!



  1. MORGAN! so glad you're finally off and running..

    I'm STUCK! I have started the knitted on lace border 3x ~ I keep getting it attached backwards and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong

    time to walk away ~ Juneberry is officially kicking my butt! dang ;)

    the hare is sitting under a tree pouting til somebody catches up with her...

  2. and sorry I spelled your name wrong, MorgEn

    double dang

    I'm going to go have a glass of wine and channel surf between the Canucks match and the Mariner's game

    happy knitting ;)

  3. I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!! can I get a whoop whoop? ;)

  4. Morgen, hurray I'm glad you joined. Shelter yarn, you luck, I wish, but actually my double strand reminds me of Shelter,I think, after seeing your pic mine might be thicker? But I'm liking it. I could have gone to a US9's? Again I'm happy with my very Irish looking, hearty shawl to be, plus with the weather like it's been, I'll get lots of use/needed warmth from it.

  5. Morgen, this shawl is turning out beautifully! I love the stitch definition, it's perfect.

    Mel, WOOT WOOT! Glad you got past being stuck! I'm also the kind of person who doesn't let knitting kick my butt. If something is particuarly daunting, then it turns into a challenge!

    Kelli, hope you stay warm in your scrumptiosly cozy shawl!