07 May 2011

Final Touches

 I was worried the shawl was going to be too small, but this knitted on edging, it's wide!  I love it!  I think the border is my favorite part of the whole shawl.  My yarn choice was a heavy gauge for me when it comes to lace but I know there is a second Juneberry in my future.  I want this knit heavier ~ at least worsted weight, but I'm actually thinking of doing an aran weight next, with a different color edging.  I can't wait to see how this blocks...
How is everyone else doing?  I've had some hiccups with this knit but nothing that I couldn't get past or do correctly next time.  I can't wait to see everyone's finished shawls! 

Happy Mother's Day to all my motherly friends and especially to my mom ~ enjoy your special day!


  1. Your shawl looks so pretty! I cannot wait to see it all blocked out. I really like the color as well, so rich looking!

  2. Nice job little sista. That color is rich and very pretty.

    I'm on my fifth repeat of boarder, I guess I'm doing that double YO part right? and it is amazingly easy, looks harder then it really is. I'd knit one again, but not sure if I'd go bigger or smaller gauge.

  3. Love it! Beautiful color and you zipped right through it!

  4. wellll, I'm not done yet ~ I've only done about 1/4 of the border but maybe by next weekend I'll be done?

    we'll see