04 May 2011

My Juneberry

The colorway of this yarn makes me think of a Robert Frost poem, Nothing Gold can Stay.  The colors remind me of leaves bursting out of buds and taking on that golden hue that is so fleeting.  I'm itchy for spring!

The project is going quite well.  I'm through the second chart now and hope to finish the third chart today.  This is my first lace project to have lacework on both sides, so I expected quite a challenge.  What I found is that it's not nearly as difficult as I had imagined, it just needs my full attention.

Kelly Lightbeam, guest blogger


  1. It does look that Frost poem. Great colors.

    Way to go!

    Can't wait to see the next section.

  2. yeah, 'Kelly with a 'y'....' ;)

    thanks for sharing your progress and for joining us for our mini kal!


  3. Thanks, I'm trying to keep up with the two of you!

    KELL-Y? Because I'm Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...Ode to Cheers fans everywhere!

  4. ok ~ do you remember this one....

    "Albania, Albania, you border on the Adriatic, you are mainly mountainous and your chief export is chrome"

    there's nothing funny on tv anymore ;)

  5. Coach! He was wonderful.

    Man this project is really stretching me. The first row with bobbles took me 45 minutes o_O But now I know how to make them! Another first for me.