05 December 2011

Holiday Fun at Churchmouse

We made it!
It was a blast.  Spent a couple hours shopping.  Ate lunch at the Blackbird Cafe.  Had some Whiskey Gingerbread.  A new favorite.  Better like whiskey if you ever try it.  There's a reason it's called that.  Drank some coffee, but not enough.  Here's how I feel after hanging with this crazy group all day:
All kidding aside, if you've got the blues and need a holiday pick-me-up, make the trip across the water to Churchmouse.  It's worth it ~ as usual, the staff was more than welcoming and gracious and patient with the bit of chaos that follows us wherever we go.  And the shop....boy, do they know how to decorate.  Zoe gladly posed with some of the displays, although sadly Jo decided to stay home today ~ long story, something about a late night, a little too much of the above mentioned whiskey maybe....hmmm.  Anywho, enjoy the pics and have a great week!    ~ Melissa



  1. Went to fast, fun was had by all,now it's time to knit,knit knit our new treasures.

  2. Zoe looked smashing for her trip to Churchmouse!! I think I would enjoy that gingerbread. ;) blessings ~ Tanna

  3. Y'all are so CUTE!! LOVE the whisky gingerbread face!! too cute!!Zoe looks perfect amongst the pretty displays. It's a wonder no one tried to purchase HER:)What a gorgeous shop!

  4. sad to say that gingerbread face was PRIOR to sampling the whiskey cake

    and it was sooooo goood ;)