26 December 2011

Santa Meets a Couple o' Dolls

What a lapful, eh?  I'm sure there's a grin under all that beard!  Jo and Zoe met Santa for the first time and got to share their elfish wishes for Christmas bounty on this, their first Christmas Eve.  And they must have been good little gals this year ~ not a lump of coal to be found in their gift boxes!

Miss Jo was oh, so surprised to discover that Zoe gave her a Mini Nancy Bush Triinu Shawl to match the one her mama was given:
And, little Rasta Zoe was so thrilled to receive some bright red holiday mittens from Jo:
What a pair of fashionistas!  I think they'll be the envy of all their little doll friends this season!

Happy holidays to all from The Peeps!       ~ Melissa


  1. LOL, funny, cute. Glad to see her mitties~ great post.

  2. ARG! I thought you were done posting for the year sis. Can't stop can you?

  3. I know ~ it's a sickness....
    I just knew everyone wanted to see the dolls and their new gear ;)

    I actually did TWO posts yesterday ~ gotta keep ya on your toes!

  4. The girls look lovely in their holiday finery!

  5. Oh my goodness, how CUTE! What wonderful gifts for Zoe & Jo! Looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas!

    I'm looking forward to seeing both of your creations in the new year.