10 December 2011

Lesson Time

Maybe you already know this and maybe not... the linen stitch is one of my favorite stitches. It can be a bit tricky but well worth the time.

If you are knitting the linen stitch just back and forth

Cast on an EVEN number of stitches (I think it's smart to 'mark' your RS)

RS(right side) Row 1 : K1, yarn to front, slip the next stitch (as if to purl), reapeat till end of row.

WS(wrong side) Row 2 : P1, yarn in back,slip the next stitch(as if to purl), repeat till end of row.

Repeat these 2 rows. I do 'just knit' a row before my bind off (loose) row.

If you are knitting the linen stitch 'in the round', cast on an ODD number of stitches

Mark the beginning of 'the round'.

K1, slip1 (purlwise) with yarn in front.

When you reach your marker, slip it over and just knit whatever stitch is next.

Repeat till end. I do 'just knit' a row before my bind off(loose)row.

I recommend that if you've never tried the stitch before to try it first 'in the round' and get the rythm of the stitch.
It's a REALLY tight stitch and you'll be surpised how large a needle you can knit with for a medium fabric. This Chickadee Cowl pattern is a good one.

There you go, a wonderful woven look to add to your knits~ Kelli


  1. love it! thanks for sharing some of your pearly wisdom ;)

  2. oops ~ I guess I meant 'purly wisdom' ;)

  3. Hahaha, you purly girls! The timing of this post is perfect! I've been meaning to look this stitch up for ages and it has been on the top of my knitting list...just as soon as I finish my latest WIP!

  4. Glad to help, love when that happens~

  5. LOVE the linen stitch. Great post!