19 December 2011

Hvala, Maja!

My friend Maja in Croatia did a great post today about fiber inspired wreaths and she shared quite a few fantastic ideas that she found online and a very cute childhood memory as well ~ click here to check it out. You should take a peek and be inspired! Is everyone done with their holiday knits??? I have one more to go but luckily it's for someone that I won't see until after Christmas, so I'm feeling relieved that everyone else is crossed off my list with a few days left to spare! Hopefully, friends, you are feeling the hectic part of the holidays winding down and are gearing up to actually enjoy them! I finally am....whew! ~ Melissa

I found Maja's typo charming and pretty funny when she talks about her tradition of hanging 'decorative wrath' on the door every year ~ we should all learn how to decorate wrath....the world would be a happier place ;)

Also ~ there's still time to join our annual KAL which kicks off January 1st ~ we're up to 5 knitters so far ~ just let us know if you're interested!


  1. What a fun link, thanks! I will be watching your knitalong from the side lines this year, I bet each knit will be one of my favorites :)

  2. Hey, seven-of-nine, thank you (hvala!), this is quite a surprise! I thought that my Google reader had made a mistake when I saw the title of your latest post. :))))

    BTW; I wrote something here this morning but, for some strange reason, my comment got lost just like the one posted under the newest blog entry of another friend.
    I spilled some coke on the mouse yesterday, I don't think it is working any more. :) It is either that or Google doesn't love me today! :) You love me 'tho, that's enough! :)

    Swanski, you're always welcome on my blog! ;-) Glad you stopped by!
    Thanks again! I have made two wreaths so far- will post some pictures soon. :)

  3. Oh, yes, i forgot to say- I would love to participate in your KAL but Shui Kuen Kozinski invited me to participate in her Mystery KAL that begins on January 1st too but I will probably make this shawls soon. Good luck with Jared's pattern and a bunch of salutes to both of you (Klingons ) :D !

  4. Maja ~ I forgot about the knitwits reminding you of Star Trek characters. You're funny ;)

    Can't wait to see what you came up with for wreaths!

    Sorry you drowned your mouse!