20 December 2011

The Pirates of Pass Lake

The Brothers took the drift boat out on Pass Lake yesterday and spent the entire day fly fishing and catching up.....
and showing off their newest skully hand knits (I think if you click on the photos they will enlarge so you can check out the hats and the fish)!

So cool!  This is Kelli's husband, JR on the left.

This is my husband, Jason, on the right.

Isn't that a pretty trout?

And an awesome hat (at least what you can see behind the head lamp, anyway!)?

How lucky are these brothers?  How lucky are we?!

~ Melissa

I should add (very importantly!) that Pass Lake is strictly 'catch and release' and that the 2 fish above were very quickly returned to the chilly water, as were all the rest that were unlucky enough to taste the flies, where they happily went about whatever business trout attend to when they're not being so rudely pulled from their homes!!


  1. Mel,
    Lucky you with fish to fry, and lucky men with such awesome hats keeping them warm!

  2. Cool post. Just wait till Christmas Eve and all the fun pirates we'll have then~