07 April 2014

a quick hello ~ posted by Melissa

just a few things to share that made me smile today :

this cute little ballet shrug ~ knit in a day for Neoma Jane's 2nd Easter
I highly recommend it
(thanks again Kelly for the destash gift ~ it's going to a good home!)

I've cast on Jaywalker #2 ~ what a fun pattern
thanks again Will for my sanity sock yarn ~ it has helped when I need an escape from things
and mail from far away places
I think we'll all be treated to many lovely photos and fun stories when Kelli returns
stay tuned!
~ Melissa


  1. Lemme try this again... The shrug is darling. I was looking at the yarn and pattern on your RAV site, never realizing Little Miss Zippy, that you have finished it. VERY cute and the color is yummy.

    Carolyn and I made some jaywalkers and they were fun, though I started over a couple of times. LOL I like your yarn choice. Refreshing.

    1. thanks, Pen ~ the shrug was a breeze so anyone could do it in a day I think

      as for the jaywalkers ~ I love everything about them EXCEPT the cuff wants to pull down and zigzag like the rest of the sock which kind of bothers me ~ we'll see when the other one is done and I actually get a day of wear from them...

  2. Great projects, look at you go. Now if I could just get some finished projects,we would all be happy.

    1. you have tons of finished projects you haven't even shared ~ you just need to take some photos (or have someone take some photos...have a pile ready next time we come over and I'll snap some pics for you to upload!)

  3. lovely spring time cheerful projects, Melissa!! Loved seeing you and hearing about your knitterly adventures :)

  4. Love the shrug, one day? ~nice! great socks, just adding to the pile~

    Wait till you hear my tales, had the time of my life.

    1. the pile is growing...did you finish your travel SKYP's?

  5. Replies
    1. thanks, Andee ~ I got three completely blurry pictures sent to me of her wearing it ~ she's a year and a half old and walking and doesn't want to stop and hold still for photos :)

      it fits her though so I'm happy happy happy :)