12 April 2014

Sarlat, France For Melissa...from Kelli

  Sarlat, France is my favorite town I visited.  I was bewitched by it's charm.  It is a fairytale town.  I was up walking around on a Sunday morning around 6:00 am.

Found a yarn shop, how cute is this little coat, I so would've loved this pattern... but nobody was opened,  I tried the door...it was locked.  I would have never taken anything without paying, I'd have left the money on the counter...but alas not meant to be.

 Yarn shop right next to the 'pub'  here we go~

We came late to Sarlat after the castle, the day before, we slept in a local hotel about 20 minutes out of town, a nice walk to and from town, we sorely left shortly after these pictures.

I enjoyed these small towns much more then the big ones.  I wouldn't say the same for the teenagers, there was very little to do at night in these small towns, but the big cities, Barcelona and Madrid never sleep~


  1. even more than the yarn shop, I love all the different shapes and colors of the doorways ~ so inviting and all so different

    1. You would love Europe. Are you more a big city girl of more a small town/country girl? It is a long 8-10 hour plane ride.