27 April 2014

Barcelona, Madrid & Toledo Spain~ post from Kelli

The Mediterranean Sea!  Looks a lot like the Pacific Ocean~  very beautiful!

Sea glass, shells and rocks look the same too, but they're not~  what treasures!

Took a tour of Gaudi Park, a well known Spanish artist, amazing architect and using mosaic tiles.

Tatter lady, I could watch her for hours.

Visited the Picasso Museum, we could take our cameras in but couldn't take pictures, except for this outside studio area of his. I will never be the same~ I enjoyed his paintings from the early 1900's more, but respect that artists can change and grow, as he did.

The 'rain in Spain'.  This day it poured!!!  All the Spaniards were ready! I took lots of photos of these umbrella loving folks. The touring Americans, not so much~ I had a hooded all weather North Face coat, kept me nice and dry.  Us Northwesters are use to raindrops, not umbrellas.

Toledo (Tole-a-doe) we learned, in this amazing city!  El Greco another famous artist, yes from Greece but mostly lived in Spain, so the Spanish claim him, (I'm sure Greece does too).  If you live here in Toledo, you cannot ever paint or change your house! it's the law! because of one of El Greco famous painting of this town.

The Holy Cathedral of Toledo, where we get the saying "Holy Toledo"!  We toured many Cathedrals and Basilicas, do you know why there are Churches, Cathedrals and  Basilicas? If you're Catholic you probably know.  We learned its never due to the size of the structure, only WHO it's blessed from or WHO is seated there...to be a Basilica it must have been blessed by a Pope.  Little FYI for ya~

The locks are from wedded couples who come here to 'lock there love' for each other.

Toledo is also known for maybe the worlds best known hand forged Swords, (and jewelry, that's what Bella & I got).  The USA military gets Swords made from this actual location, where we toured.

Thanks for viewing and reading some of my trip.  Traveling like this changes and rejuvenates the soul.  I tried new food and drinks, I'm not one to try new foods, but I did.  Like that yummy Sangria stuff!  Got to meet,see, touch, taste, understand and witness all kinds of  different things about life. It sure was amazing.  As we go into the summer days I hope you all can try and visit new things, even if it's in your own town.



  1. love the 'love locks' ~ very cute
    thanks for sharing your trip with us all

  2. You're welcome~ hope to someday take a 'European fiber tour trip', but it wouldn't have to be in Europe...could be US.
    After that trip, I couldn't understand why people would want to tour the USA, but I was told they come for our treasured amazingly beautiful National Parks! ~oh how fun would that be for a couple of 'picture tak'in johnnies' like us, to knit our way through some of those!!!

    1. I AM SO looking forward to some road trips around here ~ tired of being cooped up :) ~ we're so lucky to live where we do...we may not have 'ancient history' to photograph but we're really blessed with the plethora of national treasures we can call our own

  3. oh and thanks for cleaning up my paragraphs :) still so technically challenged!

    1. I just happened to be online right when you posted so I zapped in there and did it ~ took all of a minute so no worries :)

  4. Oh how fun and exciting!!! I can't even imagine taking a trip like that. It must have been amazing! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!!!

  5. Thank you and you're welcome, Andee. When I was younger and had young kido's, I couldn't imagine it either.

    I have over 700 photos on my computer, I have over 300 photos developed... these are a small sample of my journey, ...hopefully one day you will get to live this kind of dream journey too.

  6. What a great journey. Thanks for the vicarious tour!