22 April 2014

Obama in Oso ~ posted by Melissa

President Obama came today to visit Oso ~ our local paper wrote about it here.

If you're interested about the things he heard of and the things he saw ~ here's a photo gallery link.

We live about 40 miles from Oso and the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River, one of my husband's favorite local places to fly fish.

We also live about 3 miles from Paine Field where Air Force One was waiting for his return (Obama's return...not my husband's ~ heh).  These Marine One helicopters flew over our house on their way there.  We're pretty sure he was inside (again, Obama, not my husband ~ hehe!).  I hope that the time he spent with the families and the good, good people who have worked so hard in the cleanup and recovery efforts brings everyone touched by this tragic event some bit of solace.

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