08 April 2014

Travels of Europe Part 1... from Kelli

Close your eyes and imagine the finest table set with the finest meats, cheeses, fruits and wines you've ever tasted, smelled, or touched... and you can to begin to understand my wonderfully stimulating times I've spent in the last 12 days~

England was by accident and we really weren't prepared for.  It got us to Europe and that was the goal.  By chance while stopped to change tour buses, our guide looked at me and said "oh watch someone important might be coming."  So I watched with camera around my neck, and at around 30mph Queen Elizabeth's was driven by us...with my mouth open and no time to take a picture, she was gone. That was within the first hour of our tour...    

                    Twin Bridge, London                                         Chenonceau Castle, France 

       inside Chenonceau (Shannon-so)                                           Bella , I and Rock Island Shawl
             It's a privately owed castle, most everything in the castle you can touch.

      The kitchen reminded me of Downton Abbey, wrong country...

  Was really hard to say good-bye  to this 14 century castle built on the Cher River~  My favorite visit!


  1. what fun to be abroad and seeing the sights and sounds!!

  2. Wonderful pics that lend an air of excitement to what looks like an unforgettable trip that you were able to share with your daughter. Good times and great memories. How wonderful. Good for you, Kelli!

  3. Oh thank you for sharing your trip with us!!! It looks amazing. I would totally be looking for Daisy in the kitchen anyway :)

  4. Looks like beautiful pictures .. so gald it was such a fun trip, looking forward to all the stories from you and from Bella.

  5. okay...ready for Part 2 and beyond :)

    wish I could blow the pics up to see them better....they're too small to be see all the details & I want to see everything!

    1. Part 2 tomorrow...I have to work today. Hopefully I get to see you Easter?