26 December 2014

Flood's Flock...a knitalong ~ Melissa

It's officially been decided...we are going to knit all the things!
The seventh annual Girls In Sheep Clothing knitalong kicks off January 1st and since votes were all over the board on our five choices
the theme is Jared Flood & Brooklyn Tweed and not a particular design this year.  Any of the five will work!  So, ready...set...go!!
Once you've picked your favorite pattern and gathered your materials (or if you're having trouble deciding and need some input), go ahead and get started posting.  Hop on and say hi and we'll get the ball rolling.
Here are the players who I've lovingly dubbed 'Flood's Flock'  :
Me (I'm 'twoknitwit' on ravelry)
Kelli (oneknitwit)
Tracey (1tims)
Steph (smyoo)
Kelly (lightbeam)
Andee (andeekf)
Andrea (aksaxton)
Morgen (acoldwintersnight)
Jody (savannahchik)
Will (willyg)
Emily (emilyk3661)
Karen (swanski)
Leslie (lepkat79)
Sue (purl3)
Juliann (juliannph)
Sherry (bays001)
Erin (coopersfool)
Maria (mariaknits)
& an anonymous knitter (fist pump to you ~ I'm glad you're joining us!!)
That's it as of today.  Anyone else that still wants to jump in, let me know ~ there's still time to join!  Cast on is a week away but I hope to start seeing some posts before then...I don't know which design I'm going to do yet and I'm curious to see what everyone is choosing!  Thanks everyone for making this such a fun tradition!
~ Melissa


  1. Yep I'll definitely be joining this KAL! Now to start digging through my stash....

    1. sweet :)
      2 questions : do you want to blog/post progress/photos or just use comment section AND are you on ravelry?

      let me know...thanks!

  2. Woo Hoo I love "Flood Flock"!

    1. we really are...have been for years if you haven't noticed

      we're kind of partial to him :)

  3. it'll be fun to give (and get) support from the Flock. i'd love to be able to give my mom her Girasole for Mother's Day.

  4. Ok. I am in, although I've already changed my yarn selection. I will be knitting Stonecrop using some Hebridean 2-ply in the color Machair. It is the perfect yardage and the yarn was a huge disappointment when I received it, (I had ordered it because I had loved, loved, loved an earlier dyelot with which I had worked and wanted to do something lovely with a larger amount. When I actually received the new batch it was flat and lifeless without the flecks of color the older dyelot had had.) Hoping that this pattern will be just the thing for this yarn!

    1. wonderful!! I think Stonecrop will look fantastic in that colorway, missing flecks or not!

  5. I'm in, I'm off to check which one I liked :)

  6. Count me in, as well (I'm lepkat79 on Ravelry). Girasole will help me kick some stash!

  7. Just checking - the KAL is only for one of the patterns in the previous post - is that right?

    1. if you read this Juliann ~ pm me on Rav with your thoughts...I'm open to chatting about what you're thinking :)

    2. I am in and will knit the Ashby. Just printed the pattern and I already have some yarn in my stash - although it would also be a great excuse to go back to Tolt Yan and buy some Brooklyn Tweed yarn!

    3. I know now it's always good to have an excuse to go back to Tolt!

  8. Hi Melissa! I would love to participate and knit Ludlow. 2014 was a very crazy year, and I'm hoping to knit more in 2015! Happy New Year! Sue (purl3 on Ravelry)

    1. WELCOME BACK, SUE!!! I just sent you a pm on ravelry :)

  9. Hi Melissa,

    Is it too late to join? I am mariaknits1508 on Ravelry.