27 December 2014

Orange you glad? By guest blogger Kelly Lightbeam

Ludlow, made with LOFT in Embers ~
photo courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed
The last few years have been very good for the color orange.  There's Burnt Orange, Coral, Tangerine, Ginger, Amber, Melon, Goldfish, oh the list is endless!

I've noticed that people are talking about it all over the place.  I was standing in line at my LYS, and the owner was praising it's virtue, saying that it's the new big thing.  I've seen comments here on the blog as well.  Everywhere I look, someone is doing something amazing with it.  I myself, am in the middle of an orange movement.  I've knit a few Jared Flood patterns in orange recently, including Sempervivum, and Leaves of Grass.  I'm planning to knit Ashby in Rowan Felted Tweed in the Ginger colorway for our Knit-a-long, which I'm looking forward to!

Speaking of my LYS, StevenBe has closed one of their locations in order to consolidate their stores and focus on their internet sales.  To clear out inventory, they held a dollar sale ~ Every skein was sold for one or two dollars.  It was mayhem.  When the dust settled, two hours after they opened the doors, there wasn't much left on the shelves, except for the fun-fur.  I myself got a little carried away and bought more than I should have, but I chalk it up to all the excitement.  When I got home, I unloaded the goods and it filled up half my couch!  While there were some novelty skeins in there (meant for a charity project), there were also some really nice merino and cashmere blend skeins, with enough yardage for some fun projects.  Unfortunately, when you double your stash, it means that you have to find space to store all of it, and I live in a very small house.

So, in the spirit of letting go of the past, so that you can embrace the future, I am offering up some free yarn to our blog members.  I have six+ full cakes (these things are huge!) of White Buffalo Unspun yarn in the Burnt Orange colorway.  It comes as a six-strand yarn, which can be separated, spun, and plied however you want.  I know that someone out there could take this and run with it!  If you are looking for a project, please let me know in the comments.  I would only ask that you cover shipping from Minnesota.

Thanks for reading ~ I have to get back to Ravelry to find projects to go with all the new loot!  I am currently looking at a number of hat and cowl patterns, since some of the skeins are singles.  I would also love to hear from anyone else with a love of the color orange ;)

Sending all my love,

Kelly Lightbeam

edited by Melissa to do a little housekeeping : if you're new to the blog and don't know about our knitalong here's a link ~ jump in if you'd like ~ there's still time!


  1. I am glad :)
    orange lovers unite!! I'll make sure Will and Jeff know about the unspun ~ they both know what to do with it!

  2. Well done! What a haul! I love the journey searching for the perfect pattern for new and older yarns.

  3. True to her word, Mel messaged us with the subject line READ IMMEDIATELY! :) I'd be happy to take it off your hands. I love me some orange. I'm thinking I may weave a blanket with it! I can send postage via PayPal if that works. You can email me at bapkorn at Gmail dot com for more details. :)

    1. Sounds great! I'll get a shipping quote tomorrow and then email you the details. (I can cover part of the shipping if it's over $10 too.)

    2. I knew one of you would swiftly take it off her hands ~ it's good to know people!!