17 December 2014

we go together... ~ Melissa

...like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong...

I just sent Kelli a note and thought it sounded impressive enough to share with you guys :

'Today's Trivia'

we just passed our 8 year knitting anniversary (wahoo for us!)

you - 352 projects / 122,000 yards of yarn (yes, that’s YARDS!!)

me - less projects than you at 294 / but more yarn than you at 132,000 yards

my. oh. my.

that’s a total of 646 projects & 254,000 yards of fiber…

now THAT is a lot of knitting

(I wonder how many yarn shops we could stock if we frogged everything that we ever made…hehe!)

I just realized that's a quarter of a million yards of yarn...eep!!

...don't you just love all the little extra tallying Ravelry does for us as we knit our lives away? ...

here's to another eight my friend :)

~ Melissa


  1. It is hard to believe 8 years! And yardage of projects. I recently was invited to a friends house with other ladies for dinner and a movie they aren't knitters it was so strange after dinner to sit and watch a show and nobody was knitting. People just sit and watch without knitting? Oh what a waste~.
    Cute pictures, great post.

    1. I can't just sit and do nothing ~ busy hands, all the time

      did you knit or is that a ridiculously silly question?

    2. I asked Bella if I should bring my knitting. She said no. As if I'm some knitter freak (I don't think so). I didn't take knitting and it was weird.

  2. Wow. That's a lot of yarn! Congrats!

    Nice pic. Enjoy...happy knitting.

  3. happy anniversary! You two are BEAUTIFUL :)

  4. Yes, you two are beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for this blog where we can share. Congrats you two. Hey Mel, did you make the dolls? LOVE em. Merry Christmas. P3