16 January 2010

Day Fifteen....

would like this day better if the bobbles were evenly spaced vertically ~ it bothers me that they're not ~ there's that Virgo thing again .... gotta be me ;)

also, the pattern ends with row 31 BUT you do need to do one more wrong-side row (row 32) to be on the correct side to start day sixteen....

which looking ahead, seems really boring after the last few panels!

...and on a lighter note, the hubby and I decided that these bobbles look like nipples and he worried that I was posting my nipples on the internet for all to see, but I told him I'd only show you 4 of them so it's ok .... hehehe


  1. I agree with you, twoknitwit, about the assymetry of the "drops", and I'm far from Virgo. I'm on row 31 as I write this, then on to Day 17.