02 January 2010

Pics of Days 1 & 2

Day 1 (upside down)...technical difficulties apparently.

Day 2 is right side up...like the little triangles on this one.

Days 2 & 3 together.

Anyone have difficulty with the eyelet row?

I am having to do a sl 1, k 1, psso instead of the k2tog. Either my Addi's and the Royal aren't compatible in this area, or its the garter rows below the k2togs that are making it impossible to do those--have to DIG at the 2 sts to get them together...

Because I am crazy I shall knit on...:GRIN:


  1. so pretty!!! and I'm having eyelet struggles, too.....keep wishing for sharper needles when I get to that row

  2. Try the slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped st over--it's gone much better for me since I switched.

    I think the 2 garters below make bumps and its harder to get those 2 sts together nicely without splitting the yarns or digging and making it painful!


    Love the pattern so far otherwise!

  3. great idea ~ I think I will definitely try that on scarf #2 which has been set aside since my needles were driving me crazy with the tinier yarn ~ I'll pick it back up again later & give it a go ;) ~ thanks, Rachel!

  4. I haven't had any trouble with the eyelets, in fact, my yarn is so splitty I put away my Addi Lace Needles and went to regular circular. Your yarn color and stitch work is really pretty.

  5. Looks beautiful! I changed the "slip one psso" to an ssk, it makes it faster for me.

  6. are you pink like this looks (which I like alot!) or orange like your blog posting (which I LOVE!!!!)

    just wondering ;)

  7. Its definitely more pink--the orange is from taking pic inside with unnatural light...some days I just run outta time...evening pics don't show the true colors!!!

  8. what kind of lighting does one have in an igloo ;) ???