21 January 2010

Getting closer to the E N D!!!!

Here are some photos of my scarf, I just finished Day 20 yesterday. I will be so happy when Day 24 rolls around.......it is getting so much closer! I would have posted this morning, but my camera decided to die on me. So although I am very sad that the camera is broken, I am happy to shop for a newer and better one with more features :)


  1. It's really pretty! Didn't you love day 20! I'm with you, getting antsy to finish. Happy Knitting!

  2. it's looking great, swanski! too bad about the camera ~ I highly recommend the Canon Rebel ~ I hope to never have to purchase another camera for a long, long time...although for a moment I thought I might have to since I tripped going up the stairs today (all hopped up on cold meds ~ I told you cold meds and knitting don't mix!)when I was getting ready to take pics for the blog and fell on my camera ~ it's ok ~ I'd say I am too but that would mean I would have been ok to start with and that's a stretch today ;)