02 January 2010

Errata Day 5....

....seems like everyone breezed past this that has done this day so maybe my download was funky but thought I'd post anyway just in case it's not just me ;)

Row 10:
when you get to the end of the repeats, the pattern has you work with only 9 more stitches before the end of the row P3, K2, ESK4

I had 11 stitches left to work with and the rest of the row looks correct as far as the pattern so I think it should say K2, P3, K2, ESK4

that keeps the same pattern going as the rest of the day and works with the next row

hope this helps!


  1. Made a note of it for Day 5 thanks!!!!

  2. sorry...just went back and edited my post ~ left out a most important piece of info .... the mistake is in row 10 ~ I fixed it!

  3. Thanks, twoknitwit. I've noted it and will keep behind you, so you can catch any errors for us. Keep up the good work.

  4. Andrea ~ you and Kelli are SO funny....

    since I'm working on TWO at the same time tho, it won't be long before I'm days and days behind.....

    so I'm going to rely on YOU for errata (Kelli, eh, not so much....lol!! there WAS a problem with day 5, Kelli ~ I think you just wanted to keep it a secret!)