11 January 2010

Here are three more photos of my scarf. I had completed 11 days! Funnily, I accidentally skipped day six so that is out of order but completed. I am just glad that I did figure it out when I was showing my family my progress.


  1. Congrats on saving day 6...! Out of order...who's going to know?

  2. Well you and I will know and everyone else who reads this blog! But I am totally at peace with that. I am glad I discovered it :)

  3. 'Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.' ~ from "Anthem" by Leonard Cohen

    you will have a scarf like no one else ~


  4. OH! Skipped day 6!!! better start over!~kidding.

    Yours is like mine, hard to see the pattern,but very wonderful. I get frustrated not being able to see all my hard work,but think when blocked it'll be better.

    I think day 11 I only did 1 time no repeats, cause I kept messing up. oh well :)