25 January 2010

Slow and Steady...Day 5

Slow going for me...but I figure if I can get 1 or 2 sections a week, this is a viable goal for me. I can't knit the lace with little kids around, it's just too distracting and I tink and frog way too much. I don't like the frog pond, so I prefer to do all I can to stay out of it. The more I can stay motivated on this the better--as Insomnia's Scarf from the year before took FOREVER to finish. Day 5 has the knit double decreases in the center of the columns, which I really like. I did find this day to be more challenging than Day 4--so it did take me a bit longer to finish this section.

I am really enjoying seeing everyone else's completed and almost completed scarves! Beauty in the holes...who'd have guessed?

Onto to Day 6!

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