30 July 2012

Here goes nothing ~ a post by guest blogger Kimberly

This is my hand dyed that i did myself. I'm sorry it is not a great picture the colors are a deep marine blue with bits and pieces of  blue violet and violet. and all the sparkling tidbits of sterling. So now there is not too much of  cliff hanger anymore. I just know that the finished product will be wonderful. I cannot wait to start this amazing trip will all the new people and the one person I already know. Thanks to Kelli for letting the lace bug bite and to everyone else on this open road of fun.

Open roads and warm fires



  1. wow, Kimberly! I can't remember if you told us what weight you're using?

    good job on uploading a photo!

  2. That was my test to see if I could comment...I'm back! Thanks to the help of my 14 year old~thank you Bella!

    Love your yarn Kimberly! It's so cool to have dyed your own yarn.

  3. your yarn looks great, Kimberly

    we've had tons of practice taking pics with really nice cameras and I have a so-so photo editor on my computer that I fix my pics with before I post them

    I played a little with yours and sent it to your regular email ~ I don't know what your yarn actually looks like but I took some of the yellow out of the picture and I do see some sparkle in it!

  4. Very cool! It's going to be beautiful! The few times I've dyed my own it's been a blast, but I've also realized that the dyeing process is a whole other art form!

    1. Thanks I dye some of my own fabrics for quilting and have a blast . makes me fell like I'm really a little kid again finger painting.

  5. Looks wonderful! I can't wait to try it out dyeing. Did a lot of t-shirts with my daughter in past, but no wool. I have some in my stash waiting...

  6. Oooh! This looks like it will turn out beautifully.

    Another photography tip is to turn the flash off on your camera (if you can), and use daylight as much as possible. It makes the colors a little easier to capture, though some still elude me!