31 July 2012

Pleased as Punch - Prairie KAL by guest blogger Kelly

Oh where to start?  I fell in love with Juju's loops the second I laid eyes on it and bought it immediately.  I knit up the Cedar Shake Mitts, and a matching cowl early this summer.  I even found a sample of Brown Eyed Susan in a knitting shop and it was divine.  When I found out that the Girls in Sheep Clothing were doing a Loop KAL, I was all about it. 

But which yarn to choose...with so many options?  I have to admit that the yarn sort of chose me.  I am one lucky girl, because five minutes from where I work is an AMAZING resource called the Minnesota Fiber Guild.  There is a gift shop, an art gallery, a library, and it is the residence of the Weaving Guild.  Wow,  Anything you could ask for!  There is even a bargain bin full of delicious yarn, and there was some Jaggerspun Wool Silk that felt like it was waiting for me.  I dyed it a pink-coral color, and we have both been waiting patiently for today.  Without further ado, here it is!  I included the before, the after and the inspiration.

Happy knitting everyone!
Kelly Lightbeam


  1. love this post, Kelly!

    your photo needs to be framed and hung on a wall it's so pretty!

    glad you're knitting with us again and celebrating our blog anniversary with us!

  2. Wow, love the yarn. I want to reach out and grab it up, wool/silk! So glad your KALing with us.

  3. Hey Kelly! I grew up in MN!


  4. Beautiful color...
    I lived in Bloomington, MN for 4 years and loved it! Hated to move, would move back in a heartbeat!! Sounds like we have a mini MN reunion starting.

  5. Thanks Mel and Kelli <3

    I'm soaking up all this MN love! There are a ton of great yarn stores here, so if you ever visit just holler and we can do it up!