14 July 2012

I love this time of year ~ a post by Melissa

Summer is definitely here ~ everything is blooming and green and fragrant everywhere you look and smell.  We've been plagued by east coast type weather the last 3 days ~ thunder and lightening almost 'round the clock (poor cowardly Dozer!) ~ but the rain at least held off long enough for me to make my first trek this season to the Edmonds' Farmers Market.

 I could hang there all day ~ free music, gorgeous produce and flowers as far as you can see, with the added bonus of mom tagging along today while I was on the hunt to find local strawberries and blueberries (mission accomplished) for canning jam this weekend.  I also came away with lots of veggies, a couple loaves of fresh baked bread, an apricot ginger scone that I'm saving for later and some chocolate macaroons for my husband.  But the find of the day were these new red potatoes from Gypsy Rows farm in Silvana, just north of where I live:

How could I pass these by when the farmers risked life and limb to put food on my table, their boots filling with mud, dodging lightening bolts as the rains came down.  They get an A++ for creativity, don't you think?  :)
~  Melissa


  1. Had a great time this morning. Glad the weather cooperated. Love the Edmonds Farmer Market, and spending the morning sharing it with you. Love the photos - another of your great talents. I'll tag along any time. - Mom

  2. the scone & macaroons are gone ;)

    there are 8 jars of strawberry and 12 wee jars of blueberry jams cooling

    we ate 1/2 the cheddar jalapeno bread with dinner ~ delicious!

    the fruit bread is going in the oven for breakfast tomorrow....I love the market :)

  3. Such clever 'market people'.

    Have you tried fresh eggs yet? You might have to camp out the night before?

  4. Beautiful photos! Glad you are having some summer like weather :)

  5. i am very hungry now! yummy yum. i would have had to purchase those potatos too. :)

  6. Summer's bounty at it's BEST! Gorgeous pictures and post. I felt as though I was there:)