30 July 2012

Prairie Rose ~ a post by guest blogger Morgen

Greetings all,  Morgen here just checking in. 
I have my yarn chosen (from stash, yea me!);  Fleece Artist Sea Wool in a raspberry color. It is actually a lighter color than the picture shows.  I think it is a true raspberry color. I have the pattern printed out, but I have not yet colored in the charts, so will do that tonight.  I have dug out size 4 needles, although I will probably play around and swatch some tonight to make sure that I like this yarn in lace on that size needle.  I tend to like my lace knit at a tighter gauge as well. 
I am also working on a sweater for the Knitting __lympics, so while I plan on working on Prairie every day I don't expect to pick up steam on her until after the 12th of August.
I hope all is well with all of you and I am very happy that the start of this KAL is finally here!!!  I can hardly wait to see what yarns and colors you all have chosen!
Thank you Blog Mistress Melissa for reminding me to check for errata.  I never would have remembered and I think you saved me heaps o' heartache!  ANOTHER good reason for knit-a-longs; other people watch out for your back!


  1. it's good to hear from you, Morgen

    and I like 'Blog Mistress' ~ sounds ominous :)


  2. Your yarn is so rich~ can't wait to see how it knits up.

  3. Mel,

    It was either Blog Mistress or Blog Den Mother. I liked Mistress better!


    Thank you! I've played with the yarn swatching and it knits beautifully. It's kind of crunchy but I like it!

  4. I think our yarns are very similar in color.

    What are you getting for gauge? Weight of yarn? What size needle are you using?...says the nosey lady who can't seem to stop asking questions.

  5. Gorgeous! Don't you love stash-diving? You're inspiring me to dig though my own hoard of fabulousness ;)