31 July 2012

speak softly ~ a post by Melissa

I've been waiting til just the right moment to introduce you to a teeny new friend.

This is Emma.

She's terribly shy and until now wasn't sure how she felt to be in America.

She had an awfully long journey across the sea but finally arrived safely, although with much trepidation, a fortnight ago.

 We've been becoming acquainted, Miss Emma and I.

She's told me delightful stories about the village she came from in Brighton where she had many, many lovely friends.

Sadly, some left before her and then one day it was her turn to say goodbye to her wonderful caretaker, Melodie Stacey .

She's been horribly homesick ...

until yesterday.
 Yesterday, when she met a new little friend, Copter.

Copter is a dog that looks like a bunny with his ears, oh, so long.

Copter came to live at my house one day this year when he got into an Easter package that Kelli gave me and wound up far from home, also.

Silly, silly dog.

Emma and Copter have become fast friends and are so very glad to have each other's company.

Emma decided that this wasn't such a very bad place to be after all.

And then her day got even better ...

Last night as the sun was going down and the day was being put to rest, some wonderful news arrived.

Her long lost friends, Bea and Whinny (who Emma lovingly called 'Mork') have been located and wouldn't you know it ...

kindred spirits have given all three of these beautiful girls not only new homes, but a chance to be together again ...

all the way over on this side of the pond.

Emma could hardly sleep last night ~ she was so overwhelmed with a feeling of finally being home.

Dearest Little Bea and Mork ~ I think if you look closely you can see that Emma is looking down at you and smiling at your photo below! 


  1. I love the story but love the doll the best. I want one of my own now.

  2. she has some really cute bunnies and her felted dolls....holy mega talent!!

    the faces are so full of expression!

  3. ahh sweet girl Emma, love her tale and glad she has Copter.

    We must meet up for a spot of tea~

  4. I so enjoyed the story with the doll :) Great post!

  5. Ahhh...friends found at last. The joys of friendship; after all, we all need each other! I'll gladly loan my knitted tea cozy for afternoon tea. :)