17 July 2012

random ~ a post by Melissa

sunset last night from our deck ~ northern exposure

sunset ~ western exposure

sunrise this morning ~ yup ~ I didn't sleep much!
I was up before dawn this morning on webmd making sure I wasn't dying....did you know that if you eat alot of fresh farmers market beets for dinner, your pee will be bright red the next day (too much information???).  I was so glad to learn this was the case and I didn't need my husband to rush me to the ER.  Instead, I took advantage of the fact that the camera was sitting next to my computer and took a few pictures of ole Mr Sunshine raising his sleepy head after putting on quite a show last night.

And knowing you could care less about the color of my pee, the real reason I popped on tonight was to welcome a new blog guest for our upcoming knit-along.  Her name is Kimberly, and she brings our number to 5 (Kelli, myself, and guests Kelly, Morgen and Kimberly).  There's still plenty of time to jump in on the fun ~ we don't cast on until July 31st ~ so if you're interested, just contact Kelli or I and we'll add you as a contributor so you can post along with us while we work on Prairie and watch the Olympics and celebrate Girls in Sheep Clothing's 2 year blog anniversary.

I'm excited to have our past knitters join us again and also for someone new to join us.  We'll have so much fun as usual!

Off to work on Bridgewater.  I turned the last edging corner this weekend and only have about 40 edging chart repeats to go before I graft, bind off and block this puppy.  HOORAY!!  ~ Melissa

eta: I was just thinking I should mention ~ in the photos above our little 'postcard view' is of Puget Sound and Whidbey Island on the opposite side....and I think that may be where our newest guest blogger Kimberly lives.  I guess this post wasn't so random after all :)


  1. I did know this! It scared me as well and I haven't eaten beets since ;) Love the photos and I look forward to watching the knitting process of your knit along!

  2. Wow! Really?! I do love how you tied in Whidbey~

  3. I love beets too much to give them up ~ I had more last night and I'm eating the rest this evening :)


  4. i wanna go home right now and eat a whole lotta beets! red pee! soo cool!!!! :)

    ...and... you can do it! yes you can! you're almost to the finish line with the bridgewater!!!!! WOOT!!!