22 July 2012

late to the dance ~ a post by Melissa

My Bridgewater is finally off the needles.  Tomorrow it's time to weave in ends and block her.
I feel like the last person to finish a marathon....I took so long that everyone has gone home and mine is the only car left in the parking lot.

Annoyed at my time but completely proud that I finished.  I'll feel better when I see how the lace blooms and opens up tomorrow.  Much, much better!  ~ Melissa


  1. I am hoping to see the post-blocking photos!! This IS quite an accomplishment... just gorgeous.

  2. YAY!!!! I knew you could do it!!!! Can't wait to see it blocked!

  3. the gods are messing with me now for taking half an eternity to get 'er done....

    a bunch of my rav projects are 'bugged' right now (including this one) and won't let me edit so I can't update the status of this as FINISHED!!!!!

    can't you hear them laughing? :)