22 October 2012

another weekend come & gone ~ posted by Melissa

The weekend was a blur ~ filled with a road trip, a birthday party, yarn shopping, football watching and snuggling up in the blustery autumn weather.  All in all, a joy filled weekend but it was overshadowed by a huge, unexpected loss that one of the women in our knit group experienced.  All of our hearts, mine included, swell with sorrow and sadness for her and her family.  Another reminder to hug the ones you love and hold dear, and to live every minute to it's fullest. 
Hope everyone has a peaceful week.  I'm thinking about you, Chris.

isn't he handsome....

signs of fall everywhere

Suquamish Tribal War Veteran Memorial on the Suquamish Tribal lands...

the Seattle skyline from Suquamish...

Chief Sealth's grave and tributes left at his burial site...


  1. Sorry for your friend :( Lovely photos and the little boy is so cute!!

  2. That is a cute little fella turning 3!!! :) So glad you were able to come celebrate with us Auntie Lis!