25 October 2012

My foray into insanity, once again - posted by Guest Blogger Jeff

Hello there!

Once again, I've been convinced by my knitty friend on the West Coast to join another crazy insane KAL. (Actually, to be truthful, I think I may have been the one who ignited the Niebling spark for this KAL, so apologies all around *grin*).

This knit-a-long should be a lot more engaging than the last one. Don't get me wrong, the Bridgewater is a beautiful shawl, it just didn't keep my mind very focused on the knitting with all that garter.... :) (and I like to be engaged in what I am knitting). I think this time around I might have a lot of "huh? wth?" moments, and there may quite possibily be a lot of profane words being muttered under my breath. So excited!

And now...for the big reveal from JeffInAmbler (formerly jmkorn - too many people were calling me "Jim" so I had to change it!), I plan to cast on the Pomegranate pattern on Saturday. Though, based on the amount of laceweight I have for this project (2625 yards), it's looking like I'll only be able to knit the smaller version.

And... my lace of choice for this is Sweet Nothings Silken from Bittersweet Woolery in the colorway "Icelings":
Isn't it lovely?
I was tired of doing all of my large lace projects in white JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk, so when I found this lovely 80/20 Wool/Silk blend with subtle tinges of pink and blue throughout at the Garden State Sheep Breeders Sheep and Fiber Festival last month, I couldn't resist. I think it's going to be perfect! What do you think?
I'm dying to see what everyone else is doing pattern & yarn-wise! (That means post your choices! NOW! *grin*)
Postscript: This is a shameless plug to check out my partner's blog: Strings-n-Stuff where you can read all about our Rhinebeck experiences this year! :)


  1. Jeff - the spark was there, you just poured gasoline on it

    it's sad when 2800 yds only makes 'the small version' ~ yup - this is insanity at it's finest

    love your yarn choice and the pattern is one of my faves

    and you have no shame...plugging Will's blog...tsk tsk...you didn't need to since I have him linked forever over on our sidebar for easy access

    2 more days ~ I can't wait
    I'll get my post up tonight or tomorrow!

  2. ok, ok, i knew i had some influence on this niebling knit-a-long, just wasn't sure if i was the discarded cigarette butt, or the puddle of gasoline. :)

    sorry if i broke the blogger's code by shamelessly plugging Will's blog (i am not a blogger and am not familiar with the code - though, i imagine "the code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules" to quote captain barbossa) but this way maybe people will go there and yell at him for being too chicken to participate in the niebling KAL. heh. :D (plus there are some pretty pictures from Rhinebeck. :)

  3. are there rules of the blogosphere? I have no idea

    you have carte blanche on our blog so post whatever your little heart desires

    and thanks for giving me permission to pester Will on his blog about being too chicken to Nieblingalong with us ;)

  4. holy moley! That is one intricate shawl!! I will enjoy watching the progress as it's knitting. I also checked out your linky of Rhinebeck. I did not go and I love to see what it's all about.

  5. karen - you should totally plan on going sometime! it's always the 3rd weekend in October and you could even do it as a day trip if you wanted - that's what i did my first year. it's only about 3 hours or so from the Philly area. :)