25 October 2012

see you next 'fruhling' ~ posted by Melissa

can I get a drumroll, please.......

This is it ~ my jaunt into the insanity pool that is Herbert Niebling.  I've chosen 'Fruhling' (or 'Spring', which in all honesty is probably when I will finish this project).  I've decided to go with the Zephyr Jaggerspun in 'daffodil' and I cannot wait to cast on.  You can follow my progress here on Ravelry and I'll try to do periodic blog posts, also. 

Can't wait to see Andrea, Kelly and Morgen's choices.  I do think we all decided on different patterns so this should be really interesting!  The countdown continues....2 days to go!  ~ Melissa

...and when Jeff talks, ladies, we all should jump 'cause well, he's Jeff, that's why...let's see some pictures!!!


  1. lovely wool to be paired with a lovely!! shawl :)

  2. WOW!! That is GORGEOUS!! Looking forward to progress pics and updates.

  3. The 'sidelines' are looking better and better each post. I need to look up the words foray and fruhling to try to understand what you're saying. I do understand the beauty of your yarn choice and the love of the challenge. I'll be watching and hope to start (my level/love) of lace challenge today also.


  4. I just need to tease since you gave JR a bad time for 'only looking at the pictures'...Fruhling is 'spring' in German which I mentioned in the post so my title would make sense

    goofball ;)

  5. This will breathtaking. I can't wait to see the finished product.