31 October 2012

Who needs electricity anyway? - post by Guest Blogger Jeff

So as most of you probably know, we got hit pretty badly by Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy on Monday and Tuesday. Will and I have been without power since Monday evening, though, luckily we have a gas stove and hot water heater, so have been able to enjoy coffee and showering just like normal.

But what's a guy to do once it's gone 5 o'clock and the candles need to be lit? Why, knit contentedly on his Niebling by the light of an oil lamp, of course!

I've determined that if I'm only able to knit the smaller size, that would be about 101,148 stitches before the bindoff (I'm also considering a knit on edging since my crochet technique leaves something to be desired). Based on the fact that I've gotten through row 62, that's 11,880 stitches and about 11.75% completed (provided I don't do a knit on edge...) I'm thinking I'll have enough lace to do the small size plus a knit on edge, but not enough to do the large size. I still need to calculate the number of stitches that would be on the off chance. :)

Happy knitting everyone!


  1. you are a diehard! knitting Niebling by oil lamp ~ holy smokes!

    glad you guys are hunkered down and cozy ~ I'm jealous of you being on row 63 since my yarn is stranded somewhere on the east coast and I have no idea when I'll see it ;(


  2. Row 63???
    Holy cow Jeff!
    Stay warm and dry and don't make yourself blind!


  3. still no power... got another few rounds completed last night by light of oil lamp again. :)

    hoping we get power back tonight so we can do laundry before our flight to portland tomorrow!

    herbie is staying home, and will probably remain on hiatus until post christmas (if i can resist) so it'll give you a chance to catch up! :)

  4. Jeff ~ I'm 2 rows shy of where you were at this post ~ your 11% = my 0.0228%

    something tells me I may have picked something waaaaay waaaaay bigger than I had anticipated ~ I may finish mine in 2014 :))