19 October 2012

My road map on the Praire has me lost ~ posted by Kimberly

Well I have finally gotten the body complete on my Prairie but the directions for the edging has me completely lost. The more I read it the worse it gets. But I will say one thing my last major swimming lesson in the froggy pond was an amazing event. If anyone can get me back on the right track I whole heartedly know it is the women I have been knitting with on my journey across my Whidbey Island Prairie Shawl. So please if you have any advice on the lace edging let me know. Kimberly


  1. you're so close, Kimberly! the edging itself is just more of the same thing you've been doing but maybe it's just getting started that has you guessing...

    maybe if you stopped by Ana Cross when Kelli is working one day she could help you get over the hump and you can get going again?

    sometimes it's more difficult to try and explain something in words than it is to show someone in person

  2. Kimberly, I work tuesday-thursday next week...let me know if anything works for you.