17 October 2012

Knitting In The Firs~ a post by Kelli

The 2012 Knitting Retreat in Bellingham,Washington was another success. If out of control laughter, overeating and knitting all day, are things you do or like to do, this retreat is for you. We enjoyed our time away greatly. We shared our favorite knits with each other, Melissa is modeling her very creative, multi-madeline Bridgewater. The garment of the weekend was the Churchmouse Easy Poncho, we should of gotten a picture, it seems I saw around 10 ponchos either worn or being knitted on. We saw stitching, quilting, woven projects, all while surrounded by items we brought from our stashes to donate in a Silent Auction, we raised over $1700.00, for a local women's shelter. The much needed time went by so fast and was a 'good' tiring event, I napped when I got home. Can't wait till next year. What a bunch of highly creative and inspiring ladies, that probably weigh a little more then when they arrived. It takes a lot of energy to knit that much~ Kelli


  1. Eating yummy food and knitting? Count me in! Looks like a great group of people to spend a retreat.

  2. thanks for posting, Kelli

    and I'm so glad the group photo that did include me on the last day with no shower, no makeup and in my grubbies was NOT on your camera :)))

    it was a great weekend!

  3. I was just thinking we should have had a real group photo with the 30+ people that were around all weekend long...
    maybe next year!