28 October 2012

should have done more homework ~ posted by Melissa

So, this post no longer holds true ~ I was debating needle sizes this morning and after a lengthy Ravelry search of circular projects, I think that my 2500 yards of 'daffodil' will not be enough for 370+ rounds, even if I go down 2 or 3 needle sizes from the size I want to use.  Bummer.  Ah, well, better to get a late start than knit 350 rounds and run out of yarn after a lot of hard work.  I'll be watching from the sidelines for a week or so until my yarn arrives ~ I decided to stay with the Zephyr Jaggerspun but instead of a half-pound of 'daffodil', I'll be starting with a full pound of 'ice blue' and not the slightest worry of getting to the end of my cone before the end of my pattern.
Hope you all are having a good weekend ~ batten down the hatches, all you east coast peeps :)  ~ Melissa

I'm using my husband's computer today and found this old picture of Dozer when he was just a puppy ~ napping on the dock while we fished for trout a few summers ago.  It was a good day ~


  1. Isn't he cute? Ah to stretch out and bake in the sun without a problem in the world. I just want the sun back. Guess I better turn on more lights.

  2. the sun is coming out, Penny ~ I can feel if poking thru the clouds

    glad you had a fun vacation!

  3. Sorry to hear that you had to start over! I only have 1200 yards for Jesien, but I may knit the border in a different yarn, I guess we'll see how it goes!

  4. didn't have to start over...
    didn't even get off the starting blocks ;)

    it's all good ~ I'll just get a late start