12 September 2013

Dropping everything for this KAL! ~ By guest blogger Kelly Lightbeam

Yes, you heard me!  I'm dropping everything for this Knit A Long, as far as knitting goes, at least.  I have three Brooklyn Tweed projects going on: Ashby, Sempervivum and Sandness.  It took a little while to get each of them to a good stopping point, but now that I've started Rachel's Shawl, I'm going to stick with just this one for a bit.

I chose a light pink shade of Misti Alpaca, for my little next-door-neighbor lady.  She's always so good to us, and I like to give her hand-knits for Christmas.   She's always very gracious, but I know that she really likes the color pink the best!

I meant to cast on Monday, but I got a little busy with a few projects, like my daughter's first day of preschool (!) and we finally got around to putting tile up on our fireplace.  Actually, we can't take credit, because we paid someone to do the job, but it still feels like a huge accomplishment.

I can't wait to see everyone's finished projects!

XOXO  Kelly Lightbeam


  1. Jared Flood taking a backseat to Melissa...now that is hilarious!!

    I'm so glad you're back blogging with us, Kelly! I've missed you!

    and tell little mini-lightbeam congratulations on getting to start school (she has such wise eyes...gorgeous!)

  2. Jared Flood will take a back seat to Melissa every day!!! Your pattern is irresistible, so easy to keep track of where you are and difficult to put down. Just one more row.... Ha! Thanks for letting me hang out on your again, it's always a pleasure!

  3. Yes, VERY nice to see you here, Kelly. Your daughter looks as sweet as her mother.

    I like your assessment of Mel's shawl, "Easy to keep track of where you are and difficult to put down." That pretty well sums it up, aside from the fact it is appealing and oh soooo feminine.

    Have fun! Look forward to your finished product. All of them, in fact.

  4. Kelly!!! So glad you've joined us! How pretty your daughter looks in this pic--looking forward to seeing your shawl too!