08 September 2013

Guest blogger -- Penny

Happy to be doing a KAL again -- especially this one. I've been itching to make another Rachel's Shawl and now I have an incentive. I wonder if Carolyn would like to join us? I'll ask her. She just started back to work/school and might be too pooped by evening/weekends. Still, she needs a suitable diversion. :)

We just returned from Colorado. The trip ate a hole in my charity project time, but I'm well under way again. I need to find some yarn first. I was successful buying on ebay recently. Perhaps I'll check there first.

Happy Knitting! I bet Melissa is half finished with her Rachel KAL. Fess up girl.

UPDATE: As you can see... I selected my yarn. I bought it recently at Maker's Mercantile in Kent. I knitted the last KAL with Schoppel and like how it turned out. It will be interesting. I wanted to do something in 8 - 10 ply, but what the heck. Fingers crossed. Will probably CO tonight. :)

edited by Mel (hope you don't mind Penny!) : since I just posted about the kal last night and the post is buried now I'm adding the link to the pattern we're doing : Rachel's Shawl can be found here ~ the link works even if you're not a Ravelry member but you do have to use paypal for purchase. Additional knitalong info can be found here!!


  1. I'm glad you're going to make another, Penny! good luck in the yarn search!

    I have 16 rows done...that is all :) ~ been making wings and getting dinner stuff prepped and watching football (how 'bout those Hawks...GO HAWKS!!!)

  2. 16 rows? Not bad, considering you probably finished three other projects in a 24-hour period, Miss Speedy Fingers.

    Oh yeah... how about those Hawks. :)

    1. I do other things besides knit, stinker! I've been cooking all day and yesterday I planned and shopped so I could cook all day :)

      GO HAWKS!!!!

  3. Poo... the M's lost. I should have watched football.

  4. it will be gorgeous, Penny ~ I can't wait to visit that shop (I checked out the link you sent me ~ what a lovely place!)

  5. Be sure to try one of their gluten-free goodies. They're surprisingly delicious. I think I mentioned the owner tries not to compete with local knit shops as far as yarn and maybe even knitting accessorize go. She buys "many" brands I'm not familiar with. You probably would be. She is in it for the joy. It's a hobby, according to what Carolyn told me.

    What impressed me were the rooms attached to the main section of the store -- with couches, tables, etc. It's pretty artsy/funky. In the center are unusual fabrics and other craft products. A very fun place to visit.

  6. I'm so excited to be joining this KAL, thank you for the invitation Melissa!
    I feeling inspired from viewing all the beautiful yarns here.
    Time to go shopping, I'm thinking green...