26 September 2013

Thank you!!!! Rachel, Melissa......and Tanna! by guest blogger Steph@woolythyme

What a story!  What a pattern!!!  I'm rather embarrassed to admit, that I still get somewhat lost in 'blogland', frustrated when I discovered a blog that I should have been following for years, but grateful when I'm finally lead there.  Tanna (from a previous post here...and of BrickStreetBungalow) wrote about Melissa's pattern and Rachel's story, and their friendship.....and like everyone else here, I was moved beyond words....moved to action... immediately downloaded the pattern, rummaged in the stash, and luckily discovered some pink Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran that apparently was waiting for this very opportunity---yes, it was about 5 minutes from reading the post, that I was knitting on this pattern.
The serendipity of all this is more apparent when you understand that I ordinarily only buy fingering wt or lace yarn (an occasional leap into the 'thick' dk stuff) and hate knitting on anything larger than a size 6 needle.  That aran was there....some size 7s were found (!)....and (surprisingly!!) I truly loved every stitch of this wonderful pattern.

I'm part of a charity knitting group at my church...we meet today....shawl is going with me -- as both a donation and hopefully inspiration for some others in the group to do what I did.....run home, download the pattern, rummage in the stash......and cast on!

Melissa and Rachel...thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your talent and your story.

Hugs to all!!!



  1. Beautiful shawl, and what lovely words to wake up and read, thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a happy, cheerful shawl. The color really shows off the pattern. Appreciate your comments, too. :)

  3. It's beautiful Steph and so was this post. Love you my dear friend.

  4. you and your shawl are beautiful steph.

  5. You skip out a couple of days and WOW! Steph you are so fast and this one is just beautiful! I LOVE the ripples of goodness that have flowed out from these two ladies. Just love it. blessings ~ tanna

  6. you are wonderful, Steph! I can't believe how quickly you got this finished and I love that you're sharing it as a donation as well as a possible project for your charity knit group ~ warms my heart! thanks for linking it on your blog ~ both of your posts were wonderful (I read but didn't have time to comment...sorry!)

    I'm like you with yarn ~ lots of fingering & lace but not much else ~ which is why I bought aran weight for my project...& now I'm thinking about frogging and starting over with a lighter weight from my stash :)

  7. Wow Steph you are so fast!!! I love the shawl-what a beauty! When things just come together and work it is truly a knit worth remembering. It is what makes us knitters SIGH with perfect contentment!!!


    Thank you for sharing with us.