08 September 2013

I'm In ! ~ a Kelli post

This is New England Shetland, fingering weight, double stranded... FOLIAGE.  Should be a 'bute Clark'~

Thanks Melissa, can't wait to add this Rachel Shawl to my collection. (OK, I just have the one other,  Melissa knit me for Christmas)

edited by Mel (hope you don't mind Kelli) : since I just posted about the kal last night and the post is buried now I'm adding the link to the pattern we're doing : Rachel's Shawl can be found here ~ the link works even if you're not a Ravelry member but you do have to use paypal for purchase.  Additional knitalong info can be found here!!


  1. thank goodness there will be another one besides the masses I've made :) ~ thanks for playing along

  2. Okay, so I have fingering weight (a ton of fingering weight) and doubled sounds good--what size needle are you thinking Kelli?

  3. A good gasp or a bed gasp? Usually gasp means bad...have you decided on a yarn?

  4. A shocked GASP as I am not usually a swatcher.

    I have some Blue Sky Alpaca stashed for a lace project and its a deep mauve color. I used a 7 but I think I am going to have to go size 6. The yarn doubled is lovely though--the drape is going to be amazing. Would have never thought to double it?! Sometimes a good poke is good for the creativity. Your post gave me that AHA moment.