21 September 2013

Feels like I'm moving too fast... by guest blogger Melissa B.

Rose Garden Wrap progress

A little update from the Gulf Coast...we've had some really quality knitting weather lately (rainy and cool...well, cooler.) so I feel like I've been really trucking on this even though I've not been knitting every night. That and ugh, you know those nights where you feel like all you've done is rip back and re-knit? So tiresome! I'm on repeat number ten; it's long enough to be a cowl now, so it feels like I'm getting somewhere. And oh man, this color with this pattern...I swoon.

(Although, my cat has decided this yarn is delicious...so getting some free energy conference swag was well-timed.  Hello new project bag!)


  1. it looks beautiful!!

    I might only block it wider (enough to open up the pattern and points) and not longer if I were you once you get to the length you like...it looks really, really nice right now

    your dye job is to die for :)

    1. that's the plan! there is a lot of stretch with this yarn and a lot of give to get wider. I have WAY more yarn than this calls for so depending on time and inclination I might keep going, who knows!

    2. I keep picturing your mom in a snowy white landscape with the red wrapped round and round her...it's a pretty vision!

  2. I love that red, it's gorgeous.

  3. I'm at 10 repeats too, looking great!

  4. WOW this is beautiful, we'd you get that color? ~ oh that's right YOU MADE IT! ;)