26 June 2011

~Knitters Strike Again~

Yes it's true, defacing of public property with knitted things has enhanced the world again~ Frank Varga a reporter from the Skagit Valley Herald caught myself and boss Ana-Cross Stitch owner, Kristi Gabrielse,bombing downtown Anacortes. (A bench cover and the post are covered here in the photo)
The Cultured Purls, Anacortes Knitting Guild had knitted together these panels for a town project for the week of 'Relay For Life' and 'Paint The Town Purple'.
A countless number of people have sat on the bench and taken photos makes the whole thing worth doing.
The yarns are differnt shades of purple mostly donated from Plymoth.
This article was posted in saturdays post.
Makes ya tear up a little huh?


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  1. tell Kristi that is so cool! hope it brings more business to the store as an added benefit!