11 June 2011


I'm hoping for a little....or a lot of that over the next week while I'm on vacation.  Work has been a bear the last couple months and I am surely in need of some down time.  Things have been stagnant on the knitting front and the attic hasn't been worked on in weeks and weeks.  I'm hoping for lots of visiting, lots of knitting, some great weather for yardwork and progress in my craft room.  There may be some update pictures of the attic by the end of the week if all goes well!  Until then, here's a few pics of what I have managed to get done lately ~ Juneberry has been shared but I finally got a finished photo today and I finally got a finished photo of my Citron (aka rain-rain-goaway), also.  What do you think? ;)  ~ Melissa

(oh, yeah ~ I also got my hair cut today ~ it is so cute but I haven't styled it myself yet so I'm hoping for even better things tomorrow!  I had quite the bouffant going when Bethany was done, enough so that I was in hysterics laughing at the giant poof that was attached to the top of my head (she even admitted that she got carried away with the hair products!  Needless to say, I drove home and brushed the heck out of it to flatten it a bit before heading to get groceries!)

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  1. I think the citron and the hair cut go great together! Look at all that sunshine you have!!!