14 June 2011

Vacation ~ Vol 4

With a northern exposure view, we rarely get the brilliant sunsets but last night was an exception.
Ran errands this morning, which left me with a sense of accomplishment since I took care of a few things that have been on my to-do list for months.  Went into Edmonds to use the gift certificate I got from my folks for Christmas...last year...to Spin A Yarn.  I didn't bring any yarn home but found a couple of great little leaflets on crocheted edgings and completed my set of KnitPicks Harmony Interchangeable Needles, as well as getting a few other things:
Surprised mom with a drop in visit on the way since I saw she was home ~ thanks for the chat and the goodies above, mom!  I also FINALLY got my new watch sized (can I still call it new even though it was a gift from my husband last year?  I haven't worn it until today!) and had to wait just long enough that I managed to find myself a little trinket that I just had to have:
Isn't it pretty?  It goes so well with the watch that I just had to get it, right?  Anyway, capped off today with the monthly meeting of the Snohomish Knitters Guild
Great presentation tonight by Beth Newfeld and Suzanne Tidwell about knitting on a large scale and where their ideas have led them.  Check out Suzanne's website for photos of their first project and also their current project.  It's amazing stuff and truly a labor of love (and there is loads of labor involved!).  I can't wait to check out their artwork in person this summer.  I'm glad that they came to speak to the guild.  It's so interesting every month to hear how someones passion for knitting has led them in all these different directions.  Where will your knitting lead you?  I'm still figuring it out....

Happy Flag Day!  ~ Melissa


  1. I am so enjoying your vacation!

  2. Karen~
    I am so enjoying my vacation, also! I wish you could have sat and knit with us on Monday. It was very relaxing and great fun! Has your husband ever thought about relocating out west? ;)