23 June 2011

Watershed & Watership Down

This photo is just for Tamra!

Photos of my latest taken in my knitting attic!  It's coming together, slowly but surely...I obviously still haven't gotten around to putting my books in the bookcases!  ~ Melissa

(If you haven't read Watership Down by Richard Adams, you should.  It's a classic and a wonderful read.  And if you love bunnies, you should check out this post from Snohomish Shepherdess.  Adorable!)


  1. I love it! I am so awed by your amazing knitting abilities. There are few things I love more than piles of books all over everywhere and I am looking forward to visiting your knitting attic.

  2. funny ~ well, look at the second picture...there are more piles of books...and pan out to where you can't see & there are MORE piles of books

    they're organized but not put away yet ~ too many things to do & not enough time!

    how is your kitchen ceiling coming along ;) ?

  3. A bit embarrassing really -it has joined my long list of WIPs that are half done and that I haven't worked on for awhile. Weeding has taken top priority in the mornings, employment in the afternoons, and at the end of the day, sitting on the couch and knitting always sounds more appealing than scraping paint. Actually, anything sounds more appealing than scraping paint! Maybe I will work on it this weekend.....

  4. My Mum taught and developed curriculum for AP students for years and Watership Down was one of her must-reads for her students. She even went out and haunted used bookstores until she amassed several boxes worth of copies as the school district didn't have $$ in the budget for a classroom set. Actually, I have never read it. I still read out loud to my 14 year old son (he is a voracious reader in his own right, but it is just something we've always done, and now my selections tend to be broader and more mature. Currently we are reading (out-loud) Cup of Gold by Steinbeck and Don Quixote (unabridged but a somewhat modern translation.) Thanks for the reminder about WD. we just might have to do that one next!

    I also left a lengthy comment about your previous post re: Anne of Green Gables, but I've had problems with blogger posting my comments lately. (Actually this is the 2x I have written this comment as well.)

    The sweater is gorgeous, as always! And I love your new haircut. Very cute!

  5. The next sweater I make, you are coming to my house and pinning it out. I think your blocking is artwork itself :D

  6. I also loved Watership Down. I hate to appear stupid but what is the garment shown in the pictures(the green thing with two neckholes?????
    Pardon my ignorance but I just cannot figure out what it is.

    With thanks for your reply
    Raisedontherock on Ravelry