28 June 2011

My Secret Crush....

So since this is supposed to be a fiber filled blog, before I share my crush I'll take care of a little knitting business first.  TA-STINKING-DA!!!!!  How cute is this?
Collar up.....

Collar down.....

Check out my new bling!
My husband beat me home tonight and had my anniversary present (3+ weeks early) that he couldn't wait for me to open.  It's a little blurry but my necklace is So Cool (and so is he!!).  Anyway, this is my finished Watershed in Spud & Chloe 'Sweater'.  I love the whole idea of this vest but the really wide stand-up collar doesn't work for me since it's wider than my neck is long (it flops open in back unless I hold really, really, really still.  So, I figured out how to wear it with the collar folded down and I love it.

And now that I've mentioned how awesome my husband is, it seems really wrong to share my secret crush...but I will anyway.  Steve Martin.  Yup, the Steve Martin of 70's SNL fame.  The man is hands. down. flat. out. talented.  He's hilarious, smart, witty, a funny actor, a great writer, and not that that isn't enough, the man ROCKS the banjo and can write music to boot.  I stayed up past my ever-earlier-bedtime a few weeks ago to watch the season finale of Saturday Night Live expecting to fall asleep before it was over but Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga kept me in stitches til 1:00 and then I had to see what was playing on Austin City Limits and there he was, Mr. Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.  Made it through the entire hour and even got up to write myself a note to google his music in the morning.  Yesterday, my husband downloaded 'Rare Bird Alert' for me off itunes and I've listened to the album 4 times now and love every song on it.  If you like bluegrass music at all (it's my favorite genre), check him out.  You may find yourself with an old-er man crush, too! (Here's a link to his song 'Jubilation Day' if you want to take a peek & a listen)



  1. You look gorgeous! I like the color either way. I think I might have a crush on Steve Martin too.....

  2. Incredibly cute!! You amaze me! And speaking of Steve Martin with all his belly-busting hilarity and banjo-rocking talent, I remember watching one of his movies (I think it was Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid) and the opening scene is a long serious close up of him. I was shocked to realize just how attractive he actually was. Everything else about him detracts from that so much I'd never it noticed before. In all honesty, I've had a secret crush ever since!

  3. I've been crushing on him a little for years...it just keeps getting bigger with every new emerging talent. I love the guys absolute goofiness, his premature gray back in the day, the fact that he's still around when many of SNL's biggest stars have succombed to addictions & the fact that you never hear any of his personal dirt floating around. I think the first movie I saw him in was 'All of Me' with Lily Tomlin (very funny), I love his 'Under the Bamboo Tree' duet with Bernadette Peters in 'The Man with Two Brains' (if you like-a me, like I like-a you...), his charming naiveness in 'The Jerk', he made me cry in 'Father of the Bride'....

    yup, what's not to like! also, he added 'King Tut' set to bluegrass music on the CD I got and it is awesome!!!!

  4. I love Steve Martin and his banjo project. He really is a renaissance man. We've seen him with the Steep Canyon Rangers 3 times. The first time at Benaroya Hall, I went mainly for the novelty factor and was blown away by his true talent. I love the 1st CD, haven't gotten the new one yet. Did you see Sarah Jarosz on the Austin City Limits show? I just saw her and her band in Ballard about 2 weeks ago. 20 years old and plays, writes and sings like an old soul. I love her.

    Have a great trip, Happy Anniversary, and love the Grasshopper. Hugs!

  5. Andrea ~ I would love to see him in concert so I hope he passes through this way again sometime

    and, yes, I did also write Sarah Jarosz' name down in the middle of the night ~ that was the episode that I saw and I agree with you, she blew me away also...she changed instruments on every song and her voice was so rich

    oh, to have that much talent ~ Have a great 4th, Andrea!

  6. as it turns out, Melissa, Steve and the Steep Canyon Rangers are at the Snoqualmie Casino on July 21. I'm sure there are still tickets. We can't go because we're already committed to a festival in Oregon. I hope you can go. You would love it! Happy 4th to you, too.