17 June 2011

Vacation ~ Vol 7

Last night I grilled beef ribs and my husband decided it would be a neat thing for Dozer to have his first real bone.  He gets very little 'people food' so he wasn't sure what to do with it.  Sniff.  Lick.

And then, it was like a feline with catnip.  He went bonkers!  Happy, happy, joy, joy......  He raced all over the back yard and then flopped down and wrestled with it and rolled around in pure ecstasy!

I think he had far more fun playing with it than chewing on it!  He sure is a spirited dog ~ he keeps us laughing all the time.

I spent the entire day today unpacking boxes of books ~ 10 to be exact ~ and doing a second purge before putting them in my new bookcases.  I donated about 10 boxes last summer and managed to fill one more today to give away.  The rest of the day was spent making lists.  I am a huge fan of lists (I know, Kelli, you're rolling your eyes and thinking 'VIRGO!').  It's time consuming, but I now have lists of all the books we've read and purged (hate to buy the same thing again!), a list of all the books that I will keep forever (most are classics and a few are just well loved and have been read many times), and a list of books that I'd like to add to our collection.  I am so stinking organized now!  Well, at least the books are.

I haven't read much since I started knitting.  I used to be a voracious reader but I can't seem to finish a book anymore since I put them down for too long a period of time before I've finished with them and then I lose interest or my place or the gist of the storyline.  BUT, I did actually finish my first book in over a year last week, The Best Short Stories of the Modern Age ~ edited by Douglas Angus (1962).  It was excellent and a keeper so it goes back in the bookcase tonight.  AND, I started a new book today, A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines.  I'm already about a quarter of the way through and it is also a good read so I'm certain this one will be read cover to cover and in short order! 

I didn't get any knitting done today but with tomorrow being World Wide Knit in Public Day, knitting is all that's on the calendar!  Make sure you get out and be seen....and if you're local, come on down to the fountain at Seattle Center (11:00-3:00) and hang out with Kelli & I and the rest of the guild members and whoever shows up with needles and fiber in tow!  See you tomorrow!  ~ Melissa

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  1. Dozer is one amazing dog! We should all act like him when we get excited about something :D Your list making of books is actually a good idea. I have been trying to keep a "wanted" book list on goodreads so when I am in a store I am not stumped on what to look for.